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Reviews for Bob and the Cyber-Llama
“Your Bob and the cyber-llama book was amazing!!!!! Your book was the best book I have ever read!!!!! Every part is so good, that I don’t even know what my favorite part was!!!!! I stayed up all night reading it because it was so good. Please make another book and send it to me. I’m even making some books that I am going to send to you.”
-Andrew (you can read a review of Andrew’s book here)

“The title kind of says it all, really. This story was a ton of fun to read, and reminiscent of some stories I’ve read that were described as being strange and silly enough that it must have required drugs to have the crazy ideas written within..

Highly recommended for anyone who finds humor in funny things, and responds to the shattering of their suspension of disbelief with laughter rather than rage. That last bit may be important. This one was just one surprise after another, and I’d thought I’d seen everything… *Chuckle*”
-Amazon user Theresa

“Just finished reading Bob and the Cyber Llama and I’m already salivating for the next adventure! This author is going to be the next Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants)! Teachers will love this fun adventure book for 8 – 13 year olds, not only for it’s for it’s humor and riveting adventure, but challenging word choices and cultural references. Bravo!!”
-Amazon user Cathy Humphreys

“The best book in the history of best books. Bob and his daring llama apprentice go on a crazy adventure with action, and adventure. a mind spinning adventure and a definite must read”
-Amazon user Stephen Empedocles

“I enjoyed this book – even though I’m not a kid. I think something in me likes the idea of inheriting billions and then going off on adventures. It’s a fast paced, very imaginative story about Bob, who works in a dull job when his life is suddenly transformed by being left millions and a ‘cyber llama’ Jeeves, who is as imperturbable as his original. But has far more attachments of the technical, James Bondy kind. Bob’s whisked off by Jeeves to a series of adventures in the vein of Raiders of the Lost Ark (although not quite so gory – the audience is kids, after all). In the course of his adventures all kinds of gadgets turn up – it reminded me of bits of Harry Potter (where the twins, in particular, have lots of little magical thingummies just for fun). I recommend it to any kid with a sense of humour and a secret longing to go thrill seeking in far off places.”
-Amazon user Rose

“To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from this book. With such an odd title would it be comical or futuristic or adventurous? Much to my surprise, it was all of that and so much more!! Extremely creative and funny, this book is truly like no other book I’ve ever read! My 13 year old son loved it almost as much as I did. We have not laughed so hard, reading a book! We cannot wait to see what other adventures Bob will embark on next…Mexico, perhaps?”
-Amazon user Keith Wheeler

“In the tradition of Bruce Wayne and Alfred, Indiana Jones and Short Round, and Abbot and Costello comes ” Bob and the Cyber-lama ” by Joseph Caldara. I bought this book originally for my ten year old nephew, but thought I’d better read it myself first to see if was appropriate. What I found was a non-stop roller coaster ride full of action, humor, and subtle political satire. Weaving elements reminiscent of diverse sources from Monty Python and South Park to Saturday Night fever and Star Gate, ” Bob and the Cyber-lama ” reminds us that, although “real-life” can be boring, imagination never is. To be fair, I should add that , if you are looking for ” political correctness ” this book might not be for you. But if you have a taste for the absurd, or crave a little ” suspension of disbelief ” you will find this book quite a savory morsel.”
-Amazon user Basault

“Something that I would most likely pick up off the shelf thinking it was a children’s book (because I’m a weird 14 year old) but then realize, “Hey, this is a really funny book.” It has strange humor for example, ‘The all-knowing Pharaoh Porcellus, whose flatulence is sweeter than the most costly perfumes, says that he has given the signal to our guinea brethren. We attack now!'”
-Amazon user

“Wacky, deranged, well-written, funny book! Be prepared to laugh out loud.”
-Amazon user A Writer

“This book was amazing and I give props to the crazy children and mr chickenug”
-Amazon user Zeno

“What an incredibly fun book to read. This is not a genre I would normally read but I was so entertained by this book. It is packed full of adventure and it keeps you reading because it’s so bizarre and you can’t possibly guess what might happen next. While reading this book, on more than one occasion I had dreams (nightmares) of battling guinea pigs. I will probably never look at a guinea pig…or a llama the same way again. This book is full of humor and the story keeps you sucked in. Highly recommended!”
-Amazon user C. Wenger


Reviews for Bob and the Pop-Up Book of Destiny
“Part two of Bob Halibut’s saga is a bit more polished than the first, but that does not mean any of the spontaneity has been lost. Once again, Bob and his cybernetic manservant Jeeves the llama are full out in the quest for fortune and glory; and usually knee deep in goo as well, be it chocolate or nacho cheese. In addition to all the first book provided, the reader is treated to a smidgen of Aztec mythology and a taste of Spanish that kept me going back and forth to Google translate (giggling pot-belly indeed). The chapter introducing illustrations are also an unexpected but well appreciated new addition by the author. I call it a winner all around !”
-Amazon user Basault

“I really enjoyed this latest adventure taken by Bob and his sidekick llama. It was action-packed adventure on steroids! Using the ‘Pop Up Book’ as a interactive, living treasure map was an extremely creative use of imagery that fascinated me and cracked me up at the same time! I can’t wait for the next adventure! Way to go, Mr. Caldara – once again, your off-the-wall sense of humor has delighted and entertained!”
-Amazon user Cathy Humphreys

“A striking comeback of Bob and his cybernetic llama on a trip to save the ancient pop-up book of destiny. The action and adventure, mixed with all of the stress and humor. It was so good, I couldn’t even close the book :)”
-Amazon user Stephen Empedocles

Reviews for Bob and the Black Knight
“I loved this book. Even though I have not read it all, yet, I already love it and I think that it is funny when the lady of the lake comes out with a toilet plunger! And I think it is cool that the black night has a tree full of shields.”
-Amazon user Katie

“Just finished reading this third installment of the Bob and Jeeves epic, and it doesn’t disappoint. As before, the author employs his own brand of humor and imagination to twist the Arthurian myth inside out, while never giving the reader a chance to catch his breath. Once again, I love the illustrations heading each chapter!”
-Amazon user Basault

“This tale is a great intro to the legend of King Arthur. A fun read in the same hilarious and quirky style that we’ve come to expect from this author, it’s a book every middle-schooler will enjoy. Kudos again!!”
-Amazon user Cathy Humphreys