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Joseph Caldara  lives in Littleton, Colorado, and writes stories, humor articles, and comics. He survives by rooting through his neighbors’ garbage for banana peels and coffee grounds.

He has been writing goofy adventure stories all his life.

The work of Joseph Caldara has been praised with such esteemed compliments as “You should up your medication.” and “I mean, sure I’ll buy it. I guess. If it’ll make you stop crying.”

In his free time, Joseph enjoys tabletop RPGs and Pepto Bismol enemas. He once nursed an injured koala back to health.

After leaving the priesthood, Joseph finally decided to share his stories and comics with everyone using the magic of the Internet. He has since been writing Bob and the Cyber-Llama stories, displaying comics on Blackwalruscomics.com, and posting humor articles, podcasts, and other goofy stuff on Classysturgeon.com.

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